August 28, 2001

Gotta update at least once in August!

I am housesitting off and on this month, and life is a bit confused, especially in the location-of-possessions department. However, I have been putting the site through the shitmill, so please update your bookmarks to reflect the .shtml extensions where the .html used to be.

In actual vaginal news, it struck me that I should extend the names page to include the names I give to different, specific manifestations of my vagina. For example:

  • When it is bleeding and contains a product, I refer to it as being "in a hut," and it tends to be shy.
  • When it is sore from too much smut, it is known as being "in training," as in in training to become a sex machine (but not there yet, since it has gotten worn out).
  • When it has gotten full of air and I can make it produce sounds by doing the bicycle, and especially if it also has a supply of fluids in it, it is known as "a volcano."
  • When I have no sex drive, it is "asleep."
  • When I have cramps and my reproductive tract is beating me up, I sometimes call the whole system "the metal queen" because it seems so hardcore and evil (gives me pain!).
  • Ya

    This update is all invisible and it is a little frustrating because it was a lot of work. Please enjoy the shtml.

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