July 29, 2001


Users of old netscape: all content is available with a safe design on the dutch mirror site. This whole site has yet to be updated for netscape, but I'm working on it. Sorry about all the fuss.

This is a teeny tiny update, because my house has been a frenzy of packing for the last while. Tomorrow special boy and I are moving out, but we are not moving in anywhere yet. It's exciting. Nine-day slumber party with our friend in a one-bedroom apartment.

The update has to do with smut, again. Please do send me all your non-sexual topic ideas. I am fresh out. I'm re-working the pee page, but mostly I'm adding smut to it. Aiee!

I'm not sure exactly where on the site to put this bit of information. It is sort of a combination of anal sex and g-spots. Such a synthesis had never occurred to me until yesterday, when, during the full intensity of a very warm encounter inside a coccoon made out of our bedsheets, special boy seemed to get a hankering for me to be my own backdoor man. I had never had my fingers inside my... self while someone else was inside my other self (also known as my "unit" -- the title is the most graphic thing on this site, sorry).

There is really not much flesh separating the vagina from the rectum, and I could feel my boy with some definition. I set about pressing on him, through me, for his sake, but really quickly ran into the side-effect of pressing him into the front of me. Enter the g-spot aspect of this activity.

This would work swimmingly with dildos, too. I, at least, don't always like to aim blunt object towards my vaginal walls. It opens up a whole world of bruising and chafing, regardless of consciencious lubrication. This lateral pressure thing is an excellent alternative, for anybody who is on friendly terms with her backside. I think the location of the pressure would work out automatically, simply relying on limb lengths and body geometry. For general background on what I know about gspots, see the somewhat old but still mostly accurate g-spot page.

OK. I think that is enough discussion of me and my bum and what I do there. In other news, both special boy and I have actual sore spots on our units due to excessive masturbation. That is hilarious to me :) Mine is just a bruise but his is a small open sore. We don't know what happened to him; it was a freak friction injury.

I've been thinking that I should fix up the masturbation page while I'm doing the peeing page, because they could both have similar topics: how I do it and how often, what I think about during it, hygeine considerations, the sounds involved, influences...

I'm being silly. None of this is going to get done until we have the computer set up again in nine days time anyway. Please enjoy today's take-home activity, and send me all your smashing ideas and suggestions. I will be slow replying.

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