July 15, 2001


Hello users of old netscape. Goodbye align="right". The whole site has yet to be updated, but in the meantime all content is available with a safe design on the dutch mirror site. Sorry about all the fuss.

Good news on the menstrual cramp front: the simple little massage technique that special boy stumbled upon last week worked wonders on this week's monster cramps. This has ridiculously widespread implications for my little female self. I feel so free. I feel a little less like I have witnessed the dawning of a new era after finding this very similar technique, but I still feel free. I am a hippie; I said that twice in one paragraph :)

New content today is about sexuality that involves words: phone sex, cybersex, and dirty talk, with sex moans and lusty notes on the way.

It seems like all the topics I can think of lately are smutty topics. I would like a break from talking about sex on the internet, but last time I tried to make a non-sexual page I came up with "location." Scraping the bottom of the topic barrel a little bit. Anybody with suggestions gets double cool points.

There are some new links, too.

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