July 06, 2001

For our at-home viewers

Today, some take-home activities for your enjoyment.

Maybe everyone else already knew how to massage their menstrual cramps away, but this was an exciting development for me. My whole cramp-massage history has been focused on petting my belly in the hopes of making it feel better, a pursuit which has had no significant success for me.

Last night, however, when I was suddenly gripped by the weird pseudo-menstrual cramps that I sometimes get when I have a powerful orgasm near the time my period is due, special boy had a brilliant cramp-massage breakthrough. Hooray!

I was lying loosely fetal on my side, hands vainly petting belly, knees up. Being the embodiment of sweetness that he is, boy cupped one hand over the bottom of my belly, and with the other one he rubbed slow circles over the lowest part of my back, over the flat pelvic bones, from about the top of the bones down to the beginning of my bum muscles. This was just where he could reach to pet me, but it felt really good so he kept it up. All pain was gone in under 2 minutes, and this kind of cramp usually lasts a half hour or so.

Granted, this was a minor cramp. Luckily, I'm due for major cramps in about 2 days, so I can try out the new technique in a full battle situation and report back. I am hopeful for the new rubbing method. The location makes sense; it is where my back muscles used to get tense when I got back pains instead of tummy pains with my period.

Next take-home trick: blowjob lessons! This is silly, but also efficient and fun. A good way for one person to explain to another person how to orally pleasure them is to have the giver stick out his or her tongue so that it is flexed and pointy. Then the future receiver can demonstrate some kissing, licking and sucking techniques for the giver. The tongue is a reasonable thickness on which to demonstrate, and is highly sensitive for maximum information transfer, and the face-to-face contact makes it friendly. This doesn't have to be about lessons -- someone may just have a craving for a particular trick that is hard to explain in words.

The newest content is still trampoline sex.

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