June 24, 2001


I hope everybody likes the slightly new site design, and the lovely new network, Moxie.

In honour of the hot new look (shhh, I know it is still blue and there are still rectangles), there is hot new content: the long awaited details of trampoline sex! Hooray! I am being sensational, they are very practical, non-threatening details.

This is shaping up to be a smutty update. My other vaginal news is that between it being summer and me being happily happy again, I have become fixated on outdoor sexcapades. A few nights ago, special boy and I walked halfway home from across town with no shirts on, and developed an elaborate plan to make black kimono outfits that would be easy to get in and out of so that we could run around naked all over the land without fear of being caught in the buff. The black was for hiding in the dark if necessary. Meanwhile, just the other night we went running around in regular clothes, but with no underwear, on 3am adventures.

There is some more, older, writing about outdoor smut in the smut/location section with the trampoline sex.

Either the summer or the happy or something entirely unrelated is giving me the desire to train for exciting things. Naked nighttime rampages, whatever. I have started doing pushups to save my atrophied self. As parallel training, special boy, who has nice push-up muscles already, has been masturbating without ejaculating. He's not sure if he wants to become an expert. Apparently he just felt like training for something too.

More content on the way, now that the big ole redesign and network + host switch-over is done with. There is non-sexual content all over the site if you don't want to read about smut. A lot of the time I am not in the mood for smut reading either.

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