February 01, 2001

New Bits

New things today: more good links (who else is excited that there is a Vulva University?), a new introduction that hopefully answers some of the questions that instantly pop into the heads of new visitors here ("wtf?" being common), and some new links on the images page, which should also answer some of the common questions people have when they get here ("where are all the pictures?").

Don't worry, this isn't becoming a weblog or anything, I've just had a lot of time to wander around looking for links lately. School is in this weird state where it takes up a lot of my time, but doesn't give me very much work to do, so I often end up with 3 hours to kill in class, sitting in front of a computer. Most of the time I am too secretive and paranoid to type out whole pages on what my vagina tastes like etc while I'm sitting within elbow's reach of about 6 people I barely know, so I nonchalantly browse around for Vulva Universities and the like, and make point form outlines about various sex positions in very small fonts, sometimes in pidgen French.

I don't think I'm even shy because of the subject matter; I think I'm just shy to have somebody see something I've written before it is baked (uhh, as in beyond half-baked).

Anyhow, more Send all suggestions, comments, rants, etc, so I can add them to the humongous list of things to add to and change about the site.

Oh, also, since nearly anybody who got here from a search engine will be familiar with this problem and it has only lately occurred to me to mention this: if you are trying to search the internet for sexuality or genital related info that isn't porn, don't search using keywords-- go through the categories in search directories (yahoo, hotbot, etc). The porn is kept segregated in separate subcategories (also an easy way to find porn, without any annoying medical or discussion type pages thrown into the mix). Sexuality listings are most often found under the "Society" or "Society and Culture" main category.

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