October 17, 2000

More exciting links!

I've been reading for hours and hours. Tales of sex.wizards and more embryonic stem tissue than I could ever dream of...

Ahem.... I found this starting at the ever more exciting All About My Penis. It linked to an article on possible biological/evolutionary bases for the female orgasm with which I was familiar in a sort of urban legends known to science nerds way, and from there to another Global Ideas Bank article on a biological basis for sacred sex which was much fun-- there is a word for an imaginary sex partner, but it deserves respect and reverence and it a partner intended for meditative, meaningful solo sexuality. It is a tulpa. This is my new favorite thing.

Beyond the one smashing article, there is a whole body of work by this woman Catherine Yronwode, who I knew of as the person behind The Lucky Mojo Curio Co. All the essays I read were totally engrossing, even if I came to a subject I was fairly knowledgeable about. The woman is a sex wizard! I thought this article about how the clitoris functions during sex would be of interest to a lot of people, judging by how often it comes up in emails sent to me. It also discusses how female masturbation techniques equate to male masturbation techniques-- for interest to any guys curious about the female equivalent of the frenulum or other sensitive bits.

Real updates on the way. I've been wearing my hands off at the wrists typing at various projects lately. Definitely time to make some bread and knead my way to tendon health.

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