September 02, 2000

Hello from the land of the sick.

My vagina is fine but I have a head cold and typing is the only way I can properly pronounce things (bean=beam=bead=bee).

I've been working on this elaborate page about cycles, as in female monthly-ish hormonal cycles. All the fancy things that influence mine and are influenced by mine and rhythmic events and links and whatnot. From the very beginning the plan has been to unleash it in tandem with a glorious daily cycle notes chart cause it seemed like a project I should get on top of anyway. Thing is I just can't do the chart. I am not a person who counts and makes official. So we shall see.

Instead, I wrote up the rather less complicated topic *location*. It gets funnier as I think about it. But, for anyone curious about where I keep my vagina, clicka click. Be curious no more!

Ya. In other news, I tried to put a condom on my boy last night, just for kicks cause I'd never actually undertaken such a task before, and it was surprisingly difficult! I felt like a big wiener! Boys and girls, practise at home before you're under pressure to get a condom in place! There are more details.

The urethra page was birthed because of a revelation I had while peeing after hours in Beacon Hill Park with the beloved.

Still working on all the sex and sex drive and foreplay and arousal pages. There is lots to add but sometimes I get frustrated trying to put it in words. Sometimes I just get funny about describing my sex life on the internet, and sometimes I get bored with writing about my vagina all the time. Who knew that could happen? He he.

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