August 17, 2000

I made a

It is now the happening place to be. Flashy name, all the content, exact same non-flashy design, but updated today.

Please don't hate the banners. They are obnoxious and I hate them and put them off for a long time (even got frustrated notes from the banner people). The thing is, I hate working more, and I have such a poverty lifestyle that the banner income may actually sustain me enough that I could quit my job and spend all my time at piss artistry. That is what consoles me: quitting my job to make even less money :) My parents always freak out at me when we have "life talks."

The old location will be turned into something vaguely related (the long promised penis site? maybe a poo diary or a porn project. not sure yet). Non stop body rock. It will probably be a new colour, maybe even more than one colour (no promises).

There will be a notice when this location gets its new style. Meanwhile, clicka clicka. (all the topics link to their counterparts. The ones marked > really are updated again.)

And how cool is Crosswinds? I submitted this site to their directory in March, and then after they'd updated their directory a few times with one or two sites, I submitted again. This went on for four months, and just this week the folks decided to add me 5 or 6 times. Special...

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